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Anna Danilov

Anna Danilov is a Miami-based painter, digital designer, and tattoo artist born in Chelyabinsk, Russia with a versatile and unique style of art.


Painting since the age of four, she began to create her first drawings, motivated by her father who painted with oil on canvas.

Anna’s art, which ranges from pop art to realism is inspired by her everyday surroundings. Nature, people, places, and emotions fuel the creation of her works.


Her techniques in creating include combinations of different materials, shapes, and colors, as well as using thin lines of micro details. Anna utilizes a variety of materials such as acrylic, gouache, pastel, oil, pencils/markers, and graffiti. 

Anna graduated from Chelyabinsk State University with a degree in state & municipal administration and interior design. She has also completed courses in Italy on creating oil portraits on canvas, realism painting, and 3D drawing.

 Anna works with brands such as Lamborghini of Miami, Prestige Imports, Pagani of Miami and has been a sponsor of the ride2revive since 2023.

Her work is featured at Saatchi Art Gallery in California and Majestic Fine Art and Gems in Florida.

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